2ndCEO is a boutique organizational consulting firm focused on helping businesses succeed by improving leadership, culture, operations, and technology in a way that fosters innovation, organizational transformation, and performance improvement–all without compulsion and from the inside out.

Hire 2ndCEO to transform your organization & achieve top performance:

  • Business turnarounds and improvement initiatives
  • Digital Workplaces and Social Intranets
  • Culture, innovation and workforce productivity
  • Leadership development, organizational development
  • Cloud infrastructures and website hosting/outsourcing
  • Process engineering and operations maturity/ITSM/ITIL
  • Enterprise project management maturity/PMO/PPM/OPM3

TinyIntranet is the first small business social intranet that helps you organize all of your business tools and information in Google applications on the backend and then access them all via one central portal using WordPress..

Convert your small business office into a Digital Workplace using Google Apps, WordPress, and Slack. Every business is moving to the cloud. TinyCloud is the quickest, easiest, and least-expensive way to go for your small business!

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