GF_PNG2Sick of Facebook yet? Are you looking for a private way to get your family online? shows you how to connect your family’s past, present, & future using low-cost tools from Google and others. Google is an amazing platform with all of the applications and services required to create a “Family Portal” – a collaboration platform for sharing all of your family’s data and communications in one private place on the Internet that you own.

You can share all of your historical documents, family movies, photo albums, family journals and scrapbooks, etc. Plus, you will enjoy a private social network (like Facebook), a private video streaming service (like YouTube), and be able to communicate with each other online through text, chat, voice, and video conferencing.

It’s like harnessing the awesome power of the Internet for just your own family.

Give yourself and your family the gift of a lifetime–or perhaps many lifetimes. Whether you’re preserving memories from the past, or moments in the present (that will soon become memories), you can now set up a family portal that will preserve everything for future generations who will soon be adding memories of their own.



Benefits of a gFamilies portal include the following:

Self Ownership

_janakatie_100Why pay monthly fees to online family website services that limit what you can do, how much you can store, and then ask you to trust them exclusively with your data? Now you can keep all of your data synced locally and retain complete control over sharing, size limits, and integrated services.


Single Sign-on

_PreSetupBenefits_1Sign on one time, to one account, to access all of the documents, emails, calendars, and so forth across each area of your life (assuming you also choose to use Google services for your personal and business life, as well as your family life).


Link Sharing

_gFamiliesMonitor_100Gather all of the links to all of your family resources into one place where everyone has access.



File Sharing

_PreSetupBenefits_2Share unlimited documents and media files of any size, with anyone else in your family, anywhere in the world.


Media Management

_PreSetupBenefits_3Install and configure your favorite image and audio players (e.g., Flickr, Picasa, Google Music, Amazon MP3, etc.) to access locally-synced shared directories, so you can view and manage your family media your own way.


Family YouTube

_PreSetupBenefits_4Create a private family movie directory where video files can be watched directly within the browser like YouTube.


Family Communications


Call, chat, and connect with anyone in the family, wherever they are–since all of you are on the same communication channels.


Family Facebook

_GetStarted_MonitorEnjoy a private social network where family members can have their own Facebook experience and stay in touch by posting their status where only family members can see it.


Video Hangouts

_PreSetupBenefits_7Let family members video conference face-to-face, or drop in for virtual visits. Let them virtually attend family reunions when they can’t be there in person.


Consolidated Backup

jake-at-desk-happySync everything owned by the family in one place and then back up your data in multiple ways, multiple times to make sure it is secure.


Expandable Platform

_PreSetupBenefits_8Give your family a platform for all the future sharing of home videos, photo slideshows, audio playlists, digital scrapbooks, and everything else that any member of the family can make in the future. Bring all of those links into the same place so everyone in the family has access to everyone else’s creations.


Then Access from Anywhere!

The best part about having all of this online? You can get on any computer worldwide, open a web browser, and see everything there. Better yet, buy family members a smart phone or tablet, and all of this information will follow them wherever they go.